Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Battle of Danzig 1807

This Thursday we travelled to the, Battle of Danzig 19th March

This week, we took the chance to get our Napoleonic armies on the table again.
A table top game that saw the incorporation of a Prussian Star Fort, French earth works and a lot of artillery!

The game fluff (as they say in the wargaming world)

A statement from The Forth Coalitions high command, Moscow.
January 12th 1807

Two allied Division are to be dispatched, one Russian and one Austrian, to the Northern coast of pussia, where they will find the support of the British Royal Navy.
With the main goal of supporting the Prussians, and to attempt to Holt or stall the French Dog, Napoleon, advancing his armies east. The Allied command staff in charge, have full authority to attack Napoleons forces on site and to deploy where ever is needed by the Prussians. All Diplomatic agreements have been passed prier to this mission departure.
The over all goal of this mission is to hold Emperor Napoleon at bay, and to show him and his armies that the country's of the east are not afraid of him or his unjust war.

Update from Moscow
2nd March 1807

A large division of Napoleons Grand Army, Commanded by Marshal. Joseph Lefebvre, has marched on a small Northern Prussian town, called Danzig.
The French have begun a laying siege on the Fort protecting the town.
French Reinforcements are believed to be en route.

Two French battalions taking the hail of volley fire from the Austrians

French reserves moving to intercept the Russians.

The first French brigade keeping up their fire on the fort.

The Prussian trying to fight out.

Prussians advancing on the siege works

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