Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Late Crusades

A quest, to return the Holy Land to Christendom.

In the ever ending quest to quench the thirst of Historical gaming, we intend to delve deep into the holy land, bearing the cross of Christ, and waging holy war. 

This Era has really captured the hearts and minds of most of our Members. Sparking a lot of conversation, and of course money spending.

I predict big things for us with this era. From Heavy Templar Knights to Siege engines hurling rotten cow carcasses. And of course masses of Muslim horse archers, what would the Holly land be without Muslim horse archers! 

A few of us have been captivated buy the new range on miniature, coming form FireForge Games.
Their rapidly expanding range of Late medieval miniature, has us packing the rattling the piggy banks, and scouring the internet for release dates.

FireForge Minitures

Non of us really have a bad word to say, beautiful sculpts, with very little mold lines. 
Extremely excited about what this company has to offer.

Rules to use.

For most of our games we stick with what we know, and it mainly comes by way of Warlord Games with there range of rule sets, For this it would be Hail Ceaser.

But with leaked information of other company's, such as one close to home for us, Greatescapegames, bringing out a rules set for this era in the near future, the tides could be turning.
There is lovers and haters of all different rule sets, but we are always open minded and enjoy a new challenge.
Always on the hunt for rule set that drags you into the game, the realistic the better.

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