Monday, 8 April 2013

28mm WWII Bug


We have been absent from the blogfor a little while, but obviously not the wargaming!

Lots has been happening in recent weeks, but one system/era seems to have us all talking and  wanting more each time... WWII in 28mm.

The HT games tend to be quite big loud games with lots of shouting and laughter, so for this we need a simple yet effective, and of course enjoyable rule set. For this we have been using Warlord games Bolt Action. A brilliant little rule set, that lets you play for fun, not too complicated, and uses a very unique turn system. We are currently talking about a campaign that will see our troops and units go from regular conscripts to harden war veterans. We hope it will add a lot of interesting aspects to an already fun and gripping game system.

On Saturday 6th of April 2013

This Saturday a couple of our members along with a few friends with slimier enthusiasm took part in an extraordinary Historically accurate big battle, it was based on the the Second World War battle for Normandy, to be more precise the battle for Cean and surrounding villages.

It was a spectral that saw a mass of Canadian infantry, fool hearty British paras (The red devils) and the best of allied Armour, face off against sneaky Waffen SS panzergrenadiers, with all the trimmings of Tiger tanks and pak 40s.

German Orders
To: SS-Standartenfuhrer Kurt Meyer, 25th Panzergrenadier Regiment, 12th SS Panzer Division
5th July 1944

In our glorious defence of the Reich, you must hold the village of Cairon until reinforcements can be brought forward. The main highway D22 to Buron (and Caen beyond) must remain available to our forces.

Deposit your forces in depth around the village to prevent the Canadians from marching too quickly along the D22. Further Panzer units will be dispatched from the divisional reserve once the intention of the Canadian Scottish to your north-west becomes clear. You may be required to send motorised forces to assist in holding Buron.

Fight for every inch of ground. In the Fuhrer we trust.

SS-Brigadefuhrer Otto von Hennig

The battle was a lot of fun, with the German players being able to set ambushes and ruses with markers where a SS unit was hiding. This meant that the Allies had no choice but to trundle forward not knowing what may lay in the next wood or ditch, which were sites in the rolling boccage of Northern France.

For this game we used the very fun, and more in depth rule set of Rules of Engagement, from Great Escape Games.
The First Allied Column rolling towards the town.
Canadian Infantry advancing cautiously through the boccage.  

Canadian Infantry advancing cautiously through the boccage. 

A German Pak 40 waiting for the right opportunity to fire.

Sneaky SS sniper team picking off Canadian officers .

2 Tigers from Cean brought up to support the defenders. 

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