Friday, 8 February 2013

Carnage on the Sabbath day.

Brothers Vs. Brothers

This Sunday we look forward, to a bit of American Civil War.

The First Battle of Bull Run, 1861.

The battle of Bull Run - 3pm The struggle for Henry Hill
Union commander - General Irvin McDowell
Confederate Commander -  General Joseph E Johnston

 Earlier this morning... Confederate forces attempted a full frontal assault on Union forces dug in at Mathews hill.
Union forces defend with not much problem, and force the Confederate infantry back down the hill.
 With Union troops full of vigor  they form up to pressure the confederates that are now in full retreat to Henry Hill, where General. Jackson (nicknamed stone wall during this battle) had arrived out of the woods with his division, at the top of the hill. Union officers in all their wisdom believed that the confederate retreat would be so disorganized  that they would never be able to reform another attack. It took the Union commanders 3 hours before they decide to press home their long lost advantage.
 Union troops form and march on the new confederate position, only to discover that it is much stronger than they could of imagined.
 Coming under a mass bombardment from well placed Rebel artillery. Jacksons Division was being strengthened with fresh waves of Infantry coming from the nearby train station (The first time in American history that reserves had been brought in by train).
 Supported buy artillery union troops push up Henry Hill and Into the fray.

Confederates -
1) Hold Henry Hill
2) Secure Henry House, If Union Troops advance on it, Engage and route them.
Confederate Division orders:  to be disclosed on entering the battle

Union -
1) Secure an Attacking position at Henry House. And push on to the summit of Henry Hill.
2) Push Confederate forces off Henry Hill, attempting to route them in the process.
Union Division orders: to be disclosed on entering the battle

Confederate Cav, turning and charging.

Union  Advance with heist up the center. 

Union rear Guard, trying to Catch up with a very hasty central advance. 

Assault on the Union extreme left

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