Friday, 14 March 2014

The unhistorical defence of Little Round Top

The Gallant Defence of Little Round Top 

  The Union IIIrd corps, under Sickles, had taken a severe beating in the afternoon of the 2nd July. Mayor K Warren saw the danger and sent two brigades and supporting artillery to defend Little Round Top and so shore up the whole Union position on Cemetry Ridge. Two brave Union brigadiers stormed across the table as the shabby ranks of grey and brown advanced on their position. A few regiments of Rebs followed the wrong trails but Togoodevans was already decimating the stout union defenders of the Emmitsgurg ridge led by the dashing, and equally stout, Brig. M Baldwin. But help was at hand. Brigadier Ken " ol windy' macteethcruncher had the antidote. Skillfully masking the fire from the other defending Union Brigades, Ken charged without any artillery support. The damage had been done though. Union artillery was wheeled forward to blast the Johnny Rebs from the peach orchards.  The union had lost the Devils Den but the Union had a plan. Brigadier Broad manfully sent his two brigades charging down the slopes of Little Round top and into Hood's overconfident Texans! The carnage was awful but the game ended with the confederates just holding onto the lower edges of Little Round Top. Thanks to all who took part in this game. See you all soon for Picketts Carge? 

Apologies to history!

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