Thursday, 13 March 2014

It's been a while...

It's been a while since the last post in this blog, real life and lots of gaming/hobby getting in the way of typing up a few paragraphs. 

The members of the Tendence Historique have been hard as work over recent months. 
One member has started to scrape together "yet another" Bolt Action army. 
This army being one that has a place in his heart. And really means quite a lot to him. 
With the release of the perry brothers desert rats, he simply couldn't resist in setting out pulling to gether a few models to creat his 7th Armored divition inspired North Africe army. 
Haveing a grandfather that was deployed to NA, an truck driver (engineer) attached to the 7th Armored divishion, he simply couldn't resist after all the story from his grandfather when he was a young lad. 

These iconic guns, are Weatwind Productions 25pdrs, with converted perry desert rats for crew. 
The guns are reasonable cheap, they come with crew in western battle dress. 

The Stuart 'Honey' tank, with his love for this tank and sheer firepower in the game 2 of these where and absolute must. 
The Stuarts are blitzkrieg. Stunning models and lovely casts. The underneath of the turret needed a little work, to turn on the hull smoothly, but nothing too scary. 

The second tank across in this picture is of cause, the Cruaader, Warlord model. 
1 word... Beautiful! Tank and model 

And the final piece that means the most to the painter. This is a 3 ton OY truck (from Warlord). On the grill exactly where his grandfather had written it over 70 years ago, is Kidderminster kid. 

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