Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A little of what we are about, and what we are doing.

A little bit of Gentleman talk.

This was posted on our club forum, by one of our more experienced Hobbyists:
Now, back on track, and talking about tomorrow's shenanigans (note to self..use shenanigans more often). As gentleman players, we have already established that we don't limit our games with the application of some arbitary points system, and I do not intend to start doing so tomorrow  
However....wanted to ensure that everyone understands the difference between say a Sherman and a Tiger, to ensure that we get a game that lasts more than the 40 minutes MB is betting me that it will last  
So if we intend each player to command a platoon of three squads, most squads are directly comparable in terms of capabiltity and so the differentiating factors will be additioanl weapons, which can be as the figure is depicted say; that should be entirely manageable, without worrying about points differences (second note to self...only bring MG42 / panzerfaust armed Germans)  
When it comes to armour the allies should expect to have two shermans for each Tiger on the table, or three fireflys for two tigers as an example, but you get my drift.
All that said I only have a Hetzer, which is rubbish, but I like it  
Anyway, we can get all the toys on the table and distribute accordingly tomorrow night. No set scenario for this game, so we can either use one from the back of the rule book or adapt a FoW scenario like "Surrounded"; which the Germans were frequently!
Looking forward to this immensely...dont forget your cravats and the same joie de vivre that was apparent in all the TH gentleman players last week

Please Visit our Work In progress page, to see painted and WIP pictures.

A quote from the same Gentlemen as above, following a fun little game of Flames Of War our last club night.

Okay fellas, it was a bit disjointed in the end and a struggle with the lack of terrain (thanks to Chris for bringing some and Alun for sniffing out what was available in the club).
I didn't get all the points scores but the results, I think, were as follows:

Chris vs Richard (6-1)
Jac vs Ian (Ian won)...bonus point to Jac for getting a warrior killed leading from the front
Rob vs Martin (3-1)....moral victory to Martin though   
Pete vs Alun (draw)

Sounded like Pete was desperately trying to loose one of his many warrior teams, but they just kept on staying alive...even the one legged chap   
My 2 i/c was in hand to hand with a bunch of bootnecks, but my SS laughably broke off...fearless indeed, so he also survived 
So the Germans may have just scrapped a very slight victory overall.
I think the concept is a good one, and once everyone has a little more practice we can make the pairings a little more like the ETC to add a little more spice!
Thanks for playing.


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